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Shortlisted entrants need to submit a 2 MINUTE VIDEO REEL of each shortlisted campaign by Wednesday 28 February 2018, this will be used by the final judges to evaluate each entry and decide the winners

  • This video reel should be a summary of the campaign, including some key images/video and explanation of the insight, strategy, execution and results.
  • The video should not include entering company names or any contributing companies with the exception of media owners & the client.
  • You should ensure the video can work as a stand-alone piece as it will act as the main element of the entry at the final judging stage; judges may not necessarily read the written entry.
  • Your video reels must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have had your campaign shortlisted in more than one category, it is recommended that you tweak your videos, depending on the category criteria. Judges will watch the same video more than once, but if they do not see the relevance to the category then they will not be able to reward it.
  • Please note, judges may not view the complete video if it is longer than 2 minutes. However, the video may be less than 2 minutes.
  • You must submit your video to We suggest you use WeTransfer.

Reel specificationHD (720p or 1080p), mp4, file size no larger than 250MB. Maximum length: 2 minutes.



  • This will be used at the Awards ceremony in the event that it is a winner.
  • It must be a shortened version of the full video reel. It should include key images/video with a shortened summary of the campaign including results.
  • Your video reels must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • You must submit your video to We suggest you use WeTransfer.

Reel specification: .mov h264 file (16:9 ratio, QuickTime). Maximum length: 30 seconds.



Please include the following details in the message when submitting your videos:

  1. Entry title as you originally submitted it.
  2. Categories you are submitting the videos for (please specify whether you wish to use the same video across categories or not).
  3. Contact person for the video submissions.

Please name both videos using the format: Campaign Title – Category – Length

For example: Removing the Stains of Social Inequality – The International Effectiveness Award – 1min55


Deadline: Wednesday 28 February 2018. Please note: We cannot guarantee that videos received after this date will be seen by the judges.




If you have not received your Shortlisted e-badge to add your email signatures and social media, please do get in touch with in order to receive one.

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