Kumar Manix

Founder and Creative Director @ The Spaceship

Shortlisting Jury

Kumar Manix is the Founder and Creative Director of The Spaceship, a brand activation agency that is based in Sydney and works globally.

He specializes in blending the creative and the commercial with an entrepreneurial flair, and brings to each project a deep level of strategic thinking and industry knowledge honed by years of experience working with blue chip brands.

Kumar has lead a wide range of high profile campaigns for his clients (including Microsoft, Foxtel, Samsung, Intel, Coca Cola and Adobe) and achieved enormous success, driving millions of dollars worth of earned media and inspiring epic levels of fan engagement.

As a marketer, his campaigns have seen him collaborate with some of the greatest storytellers in the world including Oprah, the BBC, Disney and Marvel.

Through his innovative use of video to drive engagement, Kumar has taken fans on numerous adventures to thrilling places, such as 100,000 ft. into the sky on a space balloon, leaping off a building with Lara Croft and driving at 280 km/h in a racing car with The Stig.

His passion for technology and fan engagement has also seen him put his money where his mouth is, and he recently established two start-ups: an artist-based fan engagement platform called Clyppin and a social fundraising platform called Movement.

Through his work in Australia, Asia and the US, he has proven that great marketing ideas can deliver business impact.