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Mallika Shankarnarayan

Chief Strategy Officer, Singapore @ Havas

I am a choice Architect, obsessed with the science and art of Behaviour Change, and I am even more obsessed about using this knowledge as a force for good. From my academic grounding in Psychology & Medical & Psychiatric Social work, to working in the area of addiction, mental wellness, and community development, I have always found that embedding the right nudges in people’s environment has tremendous potential to impact & sustain positive behaviour change. And that all of this needs a BIG ethical compass to ensure that the nudges are for people’s good.

In the 20 years that I have worked in creative agencies, media agencies and marketing organization, I have ensured that I infect every brand and every marketeer, I come in contact with, with the same enthusiasm to use the voice of the brand profitably, and authentically, to affect positive dent in behaviour & culture. P&G, J&J , Unilever, Coca Cola, Lego, Spotify, and closer home in Singapore , FairPrice, Changi Airport, Friesland Campina amongst others have borne the full brunt of this passion ! And I found some time to capture some of that in my website Currently, I am the Chief Strategy officer at Havas Singapore, overseeing strategy for Creative & Media ; inextricably interweaving Technology & Psychology to make a meaningful difference in the life of people & brands.

When I am not building brands, culture and teams, I have incredible fun as a lead vocalist in a band, reading on mythology & wellness, cycling & walking as much as I possibly can even in the heat and sweat of Singapore, practising my skills as a Reiki master, spending time with my family, and friends, and having long conversations with trees. And oh, I do love a good story, a raucous laugh, the color orange, and staying well inside – out, and never having to leave the personal at the doorstep of the professional.