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The Festival of Media Global Awards is the only awards to celebrate the best media campaigns from around the world, open to all those involved in brand communication including agencies, media owners, brands, ad tech and communication specialists.


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Shortlist Announcement: Thursday 2 April

Award Ceremony: Thursday 21 May (Milan)


The Festival of Media Global Awards are open to all those involved in advertising and communication.
Eligible campaigns may have been implemented globally, regionally or locally in any country.
The same campaign may be entered to more than one category.

New Categories

This category is open to all campaigns, which have effectively used traditional media to identify the best work across five spaces; OOH, Publishing, Audio, TV and Cinema. The campaign may have had some non-traditional influence but should show how traditional media was the key element that helped deliver results. Please note that we welcome entries from media owners, publishers, OOH specialists, broadcasters, streaming services and agencies.  Campaigns should be submitted into only one of the following subcategories:  

1a. Out of Home

Billboards, posters, bus shelters, building wraps, can include digital billboards and other executions with a digital element but should be traditionally led.

1b. Print and Publishing

Magazines, Newspapers, leaflets and other non-digital publishing.

1c. Audio

Podcasts, radio campaigns and streaming platforms.

1d. TV

Traditional screen-based campaigns on TV

1e. Cinema

Campaigns that make use of a cinema viewing experience

This category rewards brand communication that has understood and used digital media to make a success of the campaign. It covers all digital media: from web, mobile, tech, social media, banners and pop-ups. The jury will be looking for great examples of interaction and results which only digital media could have achieved.

Campaigns should be submitted into only one of the following subcategories: 

2a. Web

Websites, online ads, microsites, online apps, banner ads and pop-ups and all digital inventory 

2b. Mobile

Apps, mobile websites, mobile games and mobile based advertising.

2c. Social Media

Social media platforms, blogs, social video, video-sharing sites, sponsored tweets. Can include Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok

2d. Technology

New and existing technologies, including AR, VR, AI and other device led content.

The winner of this category must have combined two or more platforms, such as mobile, OOH, social media, TV, cinema, radio, print or other. The successful multi-channel campaign must show an effective use of the mediums in a creative and engaging way to obtain great results on clear objectives. The decisions behind the varying platform choices should be clear.

This category is open to any marketing initiative where esports or gaming communities have been utilised to add value to the client’s brand. Partnerships with esports at any level are welcome, from amateur to professional, as well as campaigns that have engaged with the esports community to successfully increase results for the client.

This category rewards campaigns for local brands that are specific and exclusive to a country.  The campaign will be implemented locally, and the entry will be able to demonstrate how the project has helped a local brand or business fulfil its targets and reach KPI’s. Entrants should outline the challenge for the brand within the market, and how they worked to overcome them. This is an amazing opportunity for entrants to showcase campaigns for smaller, countrywide brands that are doing amazing work, but do not want to compete against the larger international brands, who typically have unparalleled budgets and resources at their disposal.

This category will celebrate the very best in direct to consumer marketing for brands. Judges will be looking for a campaign that successfully promotes a product or service directly to the target audience by cutting-out traditional third-party retailers or any other intermediary channels. Judges will be looking to award a campaign that puts the target market at the centre of all activities and showcases innovation in order to drive value and build a strong customer experience.

This category recognises the best content newly created for the brand. The content should fit with the brand values, strategy and clearly address the marketing challenge. Judges will evaluate the content creation and creative execution, with additional credit given to storytelling across media channels, as well as the customer experience as evidenced by consumer engagement metrics.

This category recognises campaigns that demonstrate how a campaign was successfully boosted by the distribution, amplification and presentation of content. The content does not need to be original or newly created content and can be in any format e.g video, print, OOH, native advertising etc

This category will reward a campaign that makes use of a national or international holiday, notable celebration, observation or awareness day to generate results for its brand. It should make excellent use of audience insights around habits, activities and preferences around the event, that are specific to the target market, as well as demonstrate how clever planning and strategy leading up to the occasion has been crucial for the campaign’s success. Examples of events can include, but are not limited to; Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Black History Month, World Mental Health Day and Australia Day.

This category is dedicated to companies and platforms that have delivered exceptional technology, which has enabled and amplified campaigns for brands and agencies. Companies should be able to present the technology they have provided and supply information on their business performance over the past 12 months, including but not limited to; new initiatives, KPI’s, results, industry recognition, influence within the industry, company size, number of clients, client testimonials, strategy and optional case studies.


, entrants will not be required to provide a case study video, but instead provide additional information about their work and how they operate.

Entry questions for this category are slightly different, you can download a entry template here

This category is looking to reward the best MarTech business in the industry. Judges will be looking for companies who have created a great working culture, gained clients, surpassed objectives, created greater efficiency, delivered excellent services and made a real impact to the media industry. Entrants will be asked to provide insight on company culture, targets, service provided to clients, transparency and recognition from industry bodies and clients.


If shortlisted, entrants will not be required to provide a case study video, but instead provide additional information about their work and how they operate.


Entry questions for this category are slightly different, you can download an entry template

This category will look to reward the best service, initiative, software, hardware or product that has been created as a spin off from the main business function over the last 12 months, providing exceptional impact in the global media and marketing sector and for the company itself. Entrants will be asked to provide evidence of industry impact, demonstrate how their offering is different to others and its effect on the business i.e increased revenue / clients.


If shortlisted, entrants will not be required to provide a case study video, but instead provide additional information about their work and how they operate.

Entry questions for this category are slightly different, you can download a entry template here

This category will reward leading analytic tools and platforms which measure audience consumption across different media channels. Entrants should present their technology and demonstrate how they have developed approaches across various media channels over the last 12 months, including but not limited to; new initiatives, KPI’s, results, industry recognition, influence within the industry, company size, number of clients, client testimonials, strategy and optional case studies.


If shortlisted, entrants will not be required to provide a case study video, but instead provide additional information about their work and how they operate.


Entry questions for this category are slightly different, you can download a entry template here

The winner in this category will showcase the value that collaboration can deliver for a campaign. Collaboration here can be between the client and the agency, the agency and the media partner, or the agency and other involved parties, such as a tech company, the creative or the PR agency. The winning entry will highlight how collaboration was at the heart of the project and the reason it enabled the campaign’s success.

This category is about a brands addressing a social, ethical and/or environmental issue. The campaign could raise awareness about an issue or deliver benefit(s) to the consumer or local communities – be it a utility, service, or product that meets a public need. The activation can be part of a specific communications campaign, purpose-led marketing activities or part of the clients’ longer-term CSR values.Campaigns that have changed behavior or attitudes will gain particular credit.

This category celebrates brands that demonstrate clear consumer insight and through the development of a brilliant and media fertile strategy, precise execution, and connectivity with the target audience. This can include any form of media used, whether it is a single or multi-platform campaign.


This category recognises the campaign that can demonstrate the most successful consumer engagement showing tangible target audience related results. The campaign can have used any media channel so long as it can prove engagement with either wide-scale or niche consumer groups. The jury will be looking for audience related results and proof of engagement through metrics such as ‘time spent with brand’, ‘number of interactions with the brand’, ‘number of downloads’, ‘number of comments’ and so on.

This category rewards the creative and innovative use of media, whether based on the channel, placement or format. Judges will reward the interesting and innovative use of existing media channels, as well as the creation of new media channels. The winning entry will clearly demonstrate how the creative use of media achieved cut-through for the brand’s communication.


This category recognises brands that deliver an effective event or experiential campaign for consumers such as pop-ups, stunts, guerrilla marketing, projections and ambient media. The experience could be physically tangible, digital or virtual, but the case should be clear on its results and be focused on the event itself. The jury will expect to see how the brand has developed its interaction with the consumer and brand awareness. The winner will be able to demonstrate the tangible benefits for the brand ideally including business results as well as impressive campaign metrics.

The winning campaign will demonstrate the most successful strategy that a buzz required to successfully launch or re-launch a new or existing product, service or brand. Judges will look for proven understanding of the target audience and marketplace which is incorporated into the strategy and execution, while it will be advantageous to state results in context in order to underline their success. Entries focusing on a relaunch should be able to present a significant and obvious update or change to the product, service or brand in question.  

The winner of this category will show the brand most successfully engaging with their customers based on real-time information. The strategy may be planned in advance or be more spontaneous so long as it succeeds in effectively meeting the brand’s objectives. The range of work judges will consider includes marketing automation such as triggered emails; response to timely news, trends or events; engaging with customers on social media; personalized digital content based on interactions; live event promotion or location based deals through emails or apps. Platforms could include Twitter; Buzzfeed; Mashable; SnapChat; Periscope; WeChat or Facebook for example.


This award will recognize the creative and strategic media approach that results in a qualified brand impact on the local audience. The winning work could be that for a global brand or global brand campaign adapted for local execution, as long as it shows initiative specifically for the local audience, recognising cultural nuances. In particular judges will look for great insight, execution including the use of appropriate media channels and strong results such as increases in brand perception, customer engagement and sales.

This category rewards the brand that has best leveraged a strategic partnership between the brand and talent(s) as part or as the whole of a campaign. The talent may be a celebrity, sports star, leading industry figure, social media influencer, brand ambassador or other notable character who has directly tapped into their own following to benefit the brand. The activation may be part of a planned campaign using the talent or used more spontaneously in real-time marketing. Overall judges will look for authenticity between talent and brand.

The winner in this category will demonstrate the best use of data and reflect the achievement of effectively reaching consumers where the successful campaign has been notably enhanced, or even made possible through learning gained from econometrics or insights. Campaigns can reach from social media to e-commerce as long as they have data and insights at their heart. The winning entry should demonstrate the best use of small or big data and the resulting insights, which has ultimately improved results, as evidenced by metrics, increases in the average order value, a reduction in online CPA or increase in ROI. Pre and post-campaign statistics will be another useful benchmark for judges.

This category will reward the campaign that achieved the most against its stated targets. Results play a critical part in the judges’ evaluation, where figures showing the campaign’s direct impact on sales will be compelling though other ROI metrics will be considered. Positive uplift against business targets rather than campaign metrics will be most favoured.  This category will allow a two-year eligibility period, with campaigns that ran between 1 January 2018 and 31 January 2020 eligible for entry.

Being brave means to take the risk without fear. But what stands out even more is taking the risk and having the courage to put aside any doubts and fears and continuing the work. In a world of fake news, climate change and political instability brands can have a powerful impact. FOMG Awards wants to applaud and reward marketers who took a risk and have been awarded with results, or learnt from failure, which enabled them to surpass expectations next time.  The entries will be judged on their Insight & Execution, Courage and Results. Demonstrate how your brand took a big risky leap, and how it paid off.



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