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The Festival of Media Global Awards is the only awards to celebrate the best media campaigns from around the world, open to all those involved in brand communication including agencies, media owners, brands, ad tech and communication specialists.

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The Festival of Media Global Awards are open to all those involved in advertising and communication. Eligible campaigns may have been implemented globally, regionally or locally in any country. The same campaign may be entered to more than one category, as relevant. The categories are split in the various sections: Media | Content | Insight & Technology.

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Cinema advertising has a unique power for audiences, viewers find themselves in a different situation, away from usual distractions. This category rewards work that has used cinema advertising as an effective use of medium, in a creative and engaging way to obtain great results. Campaigns should be specially engineered to make use of the cinema environment, and demonstrate clearly how they have taken advantage of this to get maximum exposure.

The winner in this category will showcase the value that collaboration can deliver for a campaign. Collaboration here can be between the client and the agency, the agency and the media partner, or the agency and other involved parties, such as a tech company, the creative or the PR agency. The winning entry will highlight how collaboration was at the heart of the project and the reason it enabled the campaign’s success.

This category rewards campaigns that have been implemented across different devices with the content being adapted to best fit the individual screen and connecting consumers to the campaign in a holistic way. Judges will be looking for compelling brand stories across multiple media and campaigns that extend their messages to engage consumers and offer positive viewing experiences over multiple screens. The successful multi-screen campaign must show an effective use of the mediums in a creative and engaging way to obtain great results on clear objectives.

This category is open to campaigns achieving a positive impact on, for example, society or environment – be it a utility, service, or product that meets a public need. This can be CSR or purpose-led marketing campaigns for brands as well as campaigns for charities, not-for-profit organisations or government agencies. The media should have measurable impact on the issue, or demonstrate raised awareness of the organisation’s purpose, values or initiatives and winners will be able to demonstrate short and long term impact. Campaigns that have changed consumer behaviour, or attitudes will gain particular credit.

This category celebrates brands that demonstrate clear consumer insight and through the development of a brilliant and media fertile strategy, precise execution, and connectivity with the target audience. This can include any form of media used, whether it is a single or multi-platform campaign.

This category recognises the campaign that can demonstrate the most successful consumer engagement showing tangible target audience related results. The campaign can have used any media channel so long as it can prove engagement with either wide-scale or niche consumer groups. The jury will be looking for audience related results and proof of engagement through metrics such as ‘time spent with brand’, ‘number of interactions with the brand’, ‘number of downloads’, ‘number of comments’ and so on.

This category rewards the creative and innovative use of media, whether based on the channel, placement or format. Judges will reward the interesting and innovative use of existing media channels, as well as the creation of new media channels. The winning entry will clearly demonstrate how the creative use of media achieved cut-through for the brand’s communication.

This category recognises brands that deliver an effective event, experiential campaign for consumers such as pop-ups, stunts, guerrilla marketing and projections, or brings its message alive through innovative and creative sponsorship, including at major sport or music events. The experience could be physically tangible, digital or virtual, but the case should be clear on its results and be focused on the event itself. The jury will expect to see how the brand has developed its interaction with the consumer and brand awareness. The winner will be able to demonstrate the tangible benefits for the brand ideally including business results as well as impressive campaign metrics.

This category is open to all campaigns, which have effectively used traditional media such as television, print, radio or OOH, as well as small and large sized ambient media or objects, such as promotional products, non-traditional billboards and installations to reach consumers. The campaign may have had some digital influence, but should show how traditional or ambient media was the key element of the media plan that helped deliver results.

The winning campaign will demonstrate the most successful strategy that created standout in the market and the buzz required to successfully launch or re-launch a new or existing product, service or brand. Judges will look for proven understanding of the target audience and marketplace, which is incorporated into the strategy and execution. It will be advantageous to state results in context in order to underline their success.

The winner of this category will show the brand most successfully engaging with their customers based on real-time information. The strategy may be planned in advance or be more spontaneous so long as it succeeds in effectively meeting the brand’s objectives. The range of work judges will consider includes marketing automation such as triggered emails; response to timely news, trends or events; engaging with customers on social media; personalised digital content based on interactions; live event promotion or location based deals through emails or apps. Platforms could include Twitter; Buzzfeed; Mashable; SnapChat; Periscope; WeChat or Facebook for example.

This category rewards the brand communication that has understood and used digital media to make a success of the campaign. It covers all digital media: from web, social, mobile, gaming and search for example, or a combination of digital media. The jury will be looking for great examples of interaction and results, which only digital media could have achieved.

This award will recognise the creative and strategic media approach that results in a qualified brand impact on the local audience. The winning work could be that for a global brand or global brand campaign adapted for local execution, as long as it shows initiative specifically for the local audience, recognising cultural nuances. In particular judges will look for great insight, execution including the use of appropriate media channels and strong results such as increases in brand perception, customer engagement and sales.

This category will reward the campaign that achieved the most against its stated targets. Results play a critical part in the judges’ evaluation, where figures showing the campaign’s direct impact on sales will be compelling though other ROI metrics will be considered. Positive uplift against business targets rather than campaign metrics will be most favoured.


This category is open for media owners who have successfully demonstrated the gathering of content, which has been curated and shared in a way that is relevant to the target audience. Judges will be looking at how the content has helped drive revenue uplift and increased market leadership for the media owners. Entrants will be invited to submit additional supporting media to clearly exhibit results.

The winner will show how streaming live or live broadcast of original or branded content was essential for the success of the campaign and enabled community building as well as improved KPIs such as brand engagement. Includes live coverage of events. The content should be tailored to the platform and audience used. Judges will not purely focus on the quality of the content produced, but how the content and the factor that it was live has helped to further amplify and strengthen the brand message.

This category recognises the best content newly created for the brand tailored to traditional / non-digital channels, such as OOH, print and TV. The content should fit with the brand values, strategy and clearly address the marketing challenge. Judges will evaluate the content creation and creative execution with additional credit given to storytelling across media channels and the fit with the chosen medium, as well as the customer experience as evidenced by consumer engagement metrics.

This category recognises the best content newly created for digital channels. The content should fit with the brand values, strategy and clearly address the marketing challenge. Judges will evaluate the content creation and creative execution, with additional credit given to storytelling across media channels, as well as the customer experience as evidenced by consumer engagement metrics.

This category is searching for a campaign that either has the use of content at the heart, or where content was a main driver for the success of the campaign. The entry should demonstrate how the content was distributed, displayed or amplified. It does not need to be original or newly created content, and can be in any format, e.g. video, traditional media or native advertising.

This category rewards the brand that has best leveraged one or several influencers or key opinion leaders as part, or as the whole of a campaign. The influencer may be a blogging or YouTube star, celebrity, sports star, leading industry figure or other notable character. The activation may be part of a planned campaign using the influencer, or used more spontaneously in real-time marketing. Judges will look for authenticity and fit between the influencer and the brand.

Insight & Technology

Technology is constantly changing the industry landscape, enabling agencies to reach new goals and disrupt the status quo. This category is open to tech companies that have created a new technology or significantly developed an existing one in house. Entrants should demonstrate how they have used the tool to redefine their industry, drive a campaign and ultimately add value to a business. Judges will be looking for innovation, flair and transformative technologies that truly challenge industry norms. If shortlisted for this category, entrants will not be required to submit a case study film, instead we will be in touch to gather additional supporting materials and if applicable, direct access to the technology e.g apps and add-ons.

The winner in this category will demonstrate the best use of data and reflect the achievement of effectively reaching consumers where the successful campaign has been notably enhanced, or even made possible through learning gained from econometrics or insights. Campaigns can reach from social media to e-commerce as long as they have data and insights at their heart. The winning entry should demonstrate the best use of small or big data and the resulting insights, which has ultimately improved results, as evidenced by metrics, increases in the average order value, a reduction in online CPA or increase in ROI. Pre and post-campaign statistics will be another useful benchmark for judges.

The winner will demonstrate the successful use of virtual or augmented reality technology as an essential part of the campaign. Judges will be considering the brand fit, user experience, storytelling and the outcome that can be attributed to the use of this technology.

Entries in this category will have used e-Commerce strategies such as search engine optimization, affiliation marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and email marketing to guide and persuade consumers to purchase a product or service in the digital space. Winning campaigns will show the effective use of e-commerce within their marketing strategies and can prove how the campaign generated tangible results and sales conversation rates for the client’s brands.

This category recognises the best campaigns that are mobile-first. Any form of mobile media used to reach and engage consumers will be considered, including Apps, content, geo-location or any form of mobile advertising, provided it shows how mobile has been essential to the campaign. The jury will reward campaigns specifically designed for mobile, rather than those that use mobile as a means of amplification, or that simply use mobile as an extension of their brand communication.

This category recognises the campaign seen to exploit technology to its full potential for the benefit of the brand. The winning campaign will be able to demonstrate a good brand/technology fit and show innovation in the use of new or existing technology to reach an audience. This category is open to any existing media channel and any new one created by the use of the technology. Technology can include, but not limited to, AI, chatbots, IOT, voice activations, drones, AV technologies, etc. Judges will focus how the technology has been applied to meet the marketing challenge.

This category is open to any marketing initiative where gamification has been utilised to add value to the client’s brand. Results should relate to the client objectives, which could show, but is not limited to, sales uplift, client retention, customer satisfaction digital engagement or brand awareness. The campaign could use a newly created game, an existing game, or incorporate game elements such as points or reward systems in order to incentivise participation either digitally or offline.

This category rewards the most successful campaign that has geo-location at the centre of its success, whether used by phone, tablet or wearable device. Judges will be looking for meaningful application of location intelligence, whether for targeted and timely promotion, improvement of service for the consumer or to drive footfall or competitor advantage for example.

This category seeks to reward the best use of technology for programmatic trading. Judges will need to appreciate how the winner’s use of technology has delivered in the space, and what measurable results and/or competitive advantage it has given for the client. Entries are welcome from the user of the technology as well as the technology provider.

Special Awards

Being brave means to take the risk without fear. But what stands out even more is taking the risk and having the courage to put aside any doubts and fears and continuing the work. In a world of fake news, climate change and political instability brands can have a powerful impact. FOMG Awards wants to applaud and reward marketers who took a risk and have been awarded with results, or learnt from failure, which enabled them to surpass expectations the next time. The entries will be judged on their Insight & Execution, Courage and Results. Demonstrate how your brand took a big risky leap, and how it paid off

This special award is open to all companies in the media industry from agencies and adtech companies to clients and media owners. The jury will be looking for the development of a culture that encourages inclusion and is part of a commitment within the company’s long term strategy. Targeted topics include (but are not limited to) gender, age, race, sexual orientation and disability. The winning entry will prove significant, innovative and cumulatively outstanding contributions to enhancing the practice of equality and diversity and show the positive impact in business culture (and results)

The special awards will be given to the technology that has transformed the industry. Judges will be looking at how the technology offers a solution to existing problems and enables new ways of business, the best use of client budget, or is taking the industry to a new level. Demonstrate how your technology stands out in front of your competitors and has transformed clients’ campaigns for the better, be it with efficiency, cost savings or / and greater results. Include testimonials to convince the judges.#

Entrants can submit in three subcategories:

  1. Media: The technology, which has transformed the media industry for the better.
  2. Data / Insight: The best technology with the data and insight field, such as programmatic / search.
  3. Content: The outstanding technology which transforms the content offer of their customers, including content creation, delivery, measurement and content distribution

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix are non-entering categories. The results are calculated based on the shortlisted and winning entries in the above entering categories.

To win Campaign of the Year, one single campaign needs to win across as many categories as possible.

To win Agency of the Year, one agency from one location needs to get as many wins as possible, this can be with several campaigns across several categories.

To win Agency Network of the Year, you need to get a maximum of wins from different offices and agencies.

To win Independent Agency of the Year, you need to be the best performing entering independent agency.



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