James Brown edited

James Brown

Managing Director, EMEA @ Rubicon

Drawing upon his 15+ years of experience in the digital advertising industry, James is Managing Director, EMEA for Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), which operates one of the world’s largest independent marketplaces for the buying and selling of advertising. This includes managing the teams working with EMEA’s leading buyers – including DSPs, agencies and advertisers – and sellers such as online publishers, mobile applications, and online broadcasters.

Prior to joining Rubicon Project, he spent six years at The Telegraph rising to become General Manager, Digital Advertising where he was responsible for global digital advertising revenues. Commercial highlights include the development of the Telegraph Media Group Performance Network, Commercial Content creation business units, the conception and strategy for TMG’s programmatic trading and publisher trading desk. Before that James was Trading Director of Aegis-owned Diffiniti (now iProspect), responsible for commercial trading relationships with media owners and the media strategy across a portfolio of brands.

Based in London, James enjoys playing golf, keeping fit and a glass of wine!