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Jenny Stanley

Founder and CEO @ Appetite Creative

Jenny Stanley is the Founder and Managing Director of Appetite Creative Solutions and Women’s networking group, FemmeNiche.

Since starting the multi-award-winning company Appetite Creative in 2014, it’s been her mission to advance creative technology in advertising. Jenny has held senior roles at Microsoft, Oddcast, Eyewonder and has been responsible for launching Adform Brand Solutions’ business globally. In her role at Appetite Creative, Jenny has won over clients including Best Western, Chanel and Armani hotels. The innovative creative formats and solutions have seen Appetite Creative successfully win awards for work with Nokia, Walkers and Dubai Glow Park.

Jenny is also an experienced judge for numerous leading awards including the IAB Creative Awards, Stevie’s Women in Business, MENA Effies and the #DoDifferent Awards.

She is also a popular and well respected authority on creative and brand solutions and leads seminars and lectures at industry events such as Women in technology, Dubai Lynx and IAB.

Jenny also runs workshops and training sessions on Creative technology and creative effectiveness…all this while jet-setting between Appetite’s offices in Madrid, London, and Dubai!