The Festival of Media MENA Awards are open to all companies involved in advertising and communications, including (but not limited to) media agencies, media owners, full-service creative agencies, digital agencies, ad tech agencies, mobile agencies, content creators, production companies, industry associations and research business.

The Awards are open to agencies based in the Middle East North Africa region and campaigns must have been implemented locally or regionally. Agencies based outside MENA may participate as well on the basis that their work was created for and implemented in the MENA region. Likewise, MENA agencies may submit work that has run globally (including MENA).

All entries must have been made within the context of a normal paying contract with a client, except in case of charitable clients or organisations. All entries must have been produced with the full knowledge of the trademark/copyright owner of the product or brand advertised.

Eligible campaigns must have run between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016 and may have been implemented regionally or locally.

If your campaign started a little earlier or ended later than the eligibility dates it can still be considered as long as the bulk of your campaign has run within the eligibility dates and it wasn’t entered in the Festival of Media MENA Awards 2016. Please contact silvia.palacios@festivalofmedia.com if you need more information.

The entry deadline is Thursday 2 February 2017.

Standard entry price: £310 GBP per entry (or entries paid for and submitted by Thursday 2 February 2017, 23:59h GMT).

Late fee: £345.00 GBP per entry (for entries paid for and submitted after Thursday 2 February 2017 23:59 GMT).

The shortlist will be announced on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

The winners will be announced and presented with their award on Wednesday 26th April 2017 in Dubai, UAE.

Winners will also be announced on the Festival of Media MENA Awards website and social media.

If you need more time to put together your entries, please get in touch specifying the total number of entries you are planning to submit. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Yes, you can enter the same campaign in the regional edition as long as the eligibility dates are correct (the majority of the campaign must have run in 2016). If you submitted the same project in Festival of Media Asia MENA Awards 2016, you must update it with further results that were not available or submitted last time. In this case the bulk of the campaign must have run within the 2017 awards eligibility dates.

You are welcome to enter the same campaign into multiple categories. However, please ensure that the copy you add under each section (Insights, Strategy, Execution, Results) is relevant to the specific category you are entering. Judges will assess each campaign strictly against the category criteria.

You are welcome to move your entry to another category or enter the same entry into different categories but these actions need to take place before the deadline. It is not possible to move entries across categories after the entry deadline.

The Festival of Media Awards organisers and the judges cannot move your entry into a different category. Judges will evaluate your campaign against the criteria of the category to which you submitted your work.

No, there can only be one Entering Company. This will be the company that receives the trophy should the entry win. It is possible to credit other companies under the ‘Other credits’ section on your submission form. Please note that once the Shortlist is announced no changes on this section are allowed.

You will need to confirm you have received approval from your client to enter the awards and that all information included is correct.

Should your client require an official letter from the organisers confirming the confidentiality of the written submissions, in order to approve your participation in the awards, please get in touch with silvia.palacios@festivalofmedia.com.

Please follow the instruction below:

  • If you forgot your password you can simply reset it by choosing ‘Forgot your password
  • Make sure that we are still open for entries. Once the deadline passes, you won’t have the possibility to login to your account
  • Ensure your internet connection works
  • Ensure you are using the correct URL http://menaawards.festivalofmedia.com/
  • Try using a different browser

Your session will expire after a few minutes of inactivity. If this happens and you are not able to login again, please open the link on a new tab or browser. We advise all entrants to save their written submission on a separate document first, before copying it across on the entry form online. You can use the entry form template which you can download here.

If you are still experiencing issues, please email silvia.palacios@festivalofmedia.com

You need to upload 2 images to illustrate your written entry. The images can be just a picture or a screenshot from a video and don’t need to be story boards, as long as they illustrate your campaign. Note that these will not be scored by the jury.

Please make sure that the files are not exceeding 2MB and are saved in JPEG.

1st stage: Judging the written entries only

The judges will review and score the written entries. Each written entry includes the following sections: Objectives, Insight, Strategy, Execution and Results.

Note: Specifically for The Smart Use of Data Award, each written entry includes the following sections: Objectives, Insight, Influence on strategy, Execution based on insight and Impact of insight on results.

The highest scoring entries will be entered into the Shortlist.

Note: Judges will not score the ‘Objectives’ section. This section has been introduced to all the categories in order to provide the judges with a better understanding of what the campaign was trying to achieve but it is not scored.

2nd stage: Judging the entry videos

The final jury will review all the shortlisted videos and score these based on the Insight, Strategy, Execution and Results of each campaign, with the highest scoring selected as the winners.

Shortlist entries will appear on the website on 15 March and we will also get in touch with the main contact on the entry form to notify the shortlisted entrants that they need to submit their video for the final judging round. For this reason, it is important that the entry form includes 2 main contacts from the entrant’s company to ensure we are able to successfully reach them.

Please ensure you indicate 2 main contacts on your submission form from the entering company.

No. Only the shortlisted entrants will be asked to submit their video. The Shortlist will appear on our website and all the shortlisted entrants will be notified personally with instructions on how to send their video reel.

The Festival of Media MENA Awards jury consists of agencies and specialist agencies for the shortlisting round and clients only for the final stage. The Awards are chaired by a senior advertiser.

To win Campaign of the Year (2016 winner: MAGGI Diaries – A Journey of Women, Food & Change, MEC MENA), one single campaign needs to win across as many categories as possible.

To win Agency of the Year (2016 winner: MEC MENA), one agency from one location needs to get as many wins as possible, this can be with several campaigns across several categories.

To win Agency Network of the Year (2016 winner: OMD), you need to get a maximum of wins from different offices and agencies

Payments under £2,500 GBP must be made online by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Solo, Maestro and AMEX). Cheques are not accepted. Please note that card payments will always be processed in British Pounds (£GBP). You will automatically receive a payment confirmation email in your inbox.

Payments over £2,500 GBP can be processed either via invoice or credit card. Both options will automatically appear on the entry site while proceeding to the payment. You will automatically receive an invoice or payment confirmation email in your inbox.

If you wish to pay offline, please get in touch with the following details:

  • Reference number of each of your entries (you may find this number next to each entry under the ‘Current submissions’ section)
  • Company name and address
  • Finance contact (name and email address)

If you miss the deadline and are unable to login on the entry site to proceed with payment, please email silvia.palacios@festivalofmedia.com.

If you require a confirmation that your payment has been received, a copy of your invoice, any amendments on your invoice or a PO number if necessary, please email finance@festivalofmedia.com.

We cannot process card payments in USD but we may invoice you in this currency. Please email finance@csquared.cc with the following details:

  • Reference number of each of your entries (you may find this number next to each entry under the ‘Current submissions’ section)
  • Company name and address
  • Finance contact (name and email address)

Note: The price in USD will be subject to the current exchange rate.

Yes, all submissions can be altered or withdrawn at any time up until the final deadline.

Please ensure the listing of your company name and any other credits on your entry form are correct and approved before completing and submitting it. These will be used publicly when the Shortlist is announced online based on the information you have provided on your entry form. No changes to the entry details will be allowed after the entry deadline.

Please contact silvia.palacios@csquared.cc should you need extra trophies or certificates.

Please contact Silvia Palacios for any questions or further information.