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The Festival of Media MENA Awards in Dubai are one of the foremost marketing and media events in the region. Judged by a senior panel of agency heads and regional brand marketers, we reward the very best media work, helping the winning agencies and media owners secure new business and increased influence in the marketplace.


The Festival of Media MENA Awards 2017 is now closed for entries. The shortlist has now been announced.


1st stage: Written entry (approx. 800 words) in English for 4 sections: Insight, Strategy, Execution and Results.

  1. Select the categories to enter
  2. Read the entry template and guidelines to prepare your submissions before you enter them online.
  3. You may like to check our FAQs before entering.
  4. Register to the entry site and complete your submission online form.
  5. Pay for your entries

2nd stage: ONLY for shortlisted entrants – submit a video for your entry. Shortlisted entrants will be given more details.



  • Shortlist announcement: 15 March 2017
  • Video submission deadline – shortlisted entrants only: 17 April 2017
  • Winners’ announcement: 26 April 2017


Campaigns can be entered if they have been implemented locally or regionally between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016. The same campaign may be entered to more than one category, as relevant. The categories are split in the various sections: Media | Content |Technology | Insight

Unsure where your campaign would fit best? Send it to us, and we get back to you with recommendations.


Consumer targeting, planning, buying, creative ideas and results are at the heart of these categories, with shining examples of innovation or best practice in media.

This category is open to agencies, advertisers or media brands who have effectively used traditional media such as television, print, radio or out of home to reach consumers whether by scale of reach or targeting for example. The campaign may have had some digital influence or amplification but should show how traditional media was key.

This category rewards the brand that has best leveraged an influencer or key opinion leader as part or as the whole of a campaign. The influencer may be a blogging or YouTube star (local or global), celebrity, sports star, leading industry figure or other notable character. The activation may be part of a planned campaign using the influencer, or used more spontaneously in real-time marketing, though judges will look for authenticity of influence rather than paid endorsement.

This category celebrates brands that demonstrate clear consumer insight and through the development of a brilliant and media fertile strategy and precise execution, and connectivity with the target audience. This can include any form of media used, whether it’s a single or multi-platform campaign. Judges will particularly favour results that meet the brand’s objectives.

This category recognises the campaign that can demonstrate the most successful consumer engagement showing tangible target audience related results. The campaign can have used any media channel so long as it can prove engagement with either wide-scale or niche consumer groups. The jury will be looking for audience related results and proof of engagement through metrics such as ‘time spent with brand’, ‘number of interactions with the brand’, ‘number of downloads’, ‘number of comments’ and so on.

This category recognises brands that deliver an effective experiential campaign for consumers via events, stunt advertising, guerrilla marketing, projections, gamification, roadshows or through sponsorship of an existing property. The experience could be physically tangible, digital or virtual, but the case should be clear on its results.

The winning campaign will demonstrate the most successful strategy that created standout in the market and the buzz required to successfully launch or re-launch a new or existing product, service or brand. Judges will look for proven understanding of the target audience and marketplace which is incorporated into the strategy and execution, while it will be advantageous to state results in context in order to underline their success.

This category rewards the creative use of media whether based on the channel, placement or format. Judges will reward the interesting use of existing or new digital technologies, or more traditional media, which could be either innovative or new for that particular sector or country. The winning entry will clearly demonstrate how the creative use of media achieved cut-through for the brand’s communication.

This category will reward the campaign that achieved the most against its stated targets. Results play a critical part in the judges’ evaluation, where figures showing the campaign’s direct impact on sales will be compelling though other ROI metrics will be considered. Positive uplift against business targets rather than campaign metrics will be most favoured.

This category rewards excellence in social media where the winning campaign should be able to demonstrate great results. Entries will be judged on the creative use of social platforms and a sound understanding of online consumer behaviour. Judges will be looking for examples of fantastic consumer-driven campaigns where success is indicated by community building, effective targeting, and engagement for example rather than social merely used to publish the brand message.


This section is about content creation and distribution. The content can be originally created, or existing content that has been re-purposed, while creative distribution will add value to your entries.

The winner of this category will show the brand most successfully engaging with their customers based on real-time information. The strategy may be planned in advance or be more spontaneous so long as it succeeds in effectively meeting the brand’s objectives. The range of work judges will consider includes marketing automation such as triggered emails, response to timely news, trends or events, engaging with customers on social media, personalised digital content based on interactions, live event promotion or location based deals through emails or apps. Platforms could include Twitter, SnapChat, Periscope, WeChat or Facebook for example.

This category recognises the best content newly created for the brand. The content should fit with the brand values, strategy and clearly address the marketing challenge. Judges will evaluate the content creation, creative execution with additional credit given to storytelling across media channels, as well as the customer experience as evidenced by consumer engagement metrics.

This category recognises the best use of content, how it is distributed, displayed or amplified, which could include native advertising campaigns, sponsored editorial, featured videos or, messages via social media. It does not need to be original or branded content. Entrants should show how the use of content leveraged the partnership with the media owner or particular properties of the media chosen. Measurement of performance through metrics such as shares, likes, viewing duration, conversions whether sign ups or purchases for example, or frequency, will be important in making your entry a winner.

The winner in this category should show creativity in the content but also how it has engaged the target audience. The campaigns may have appeared on social media platforms, the digital platforms of publishers, media brand websites or any other platform. Number and duration of views, plus scale of reach are some of the metrics that can impress the judges.


This section demonstrates the best technology or innovative use of technology, from a single technology platform to multiple screens and devices in order to connect with the consumer.

This category is open to any marketing initiative where gamification has been utilised to add value to the client’s brand. Results should relate to the client objectives which could show, but is not limited to, sales uplift, client retention, digital engagement or brand awareness. The campaign could use a newly created game, an existing game, or incorporate game elements such as points or reward systems in order to incentivise participation either digitally or offline.

This category rewards the brand communication that has understood and used the particular properties of digital media to make a success of the campaign. It covers all digital media: from web, mobile, gaming and search for example, or a combination of digital media. The jury will be looking for great examples of interaction and results which only digital media could have achieved.

This category recognises the best campaigns that are mobile-first. Any form of mobile media used to reach and engage consumers will be considered, including Apps, content or any form of mobile advertising, provided it shows how mobile has been essential to the campaign. The jury will reward campaigns specifically designed for mobile, rather than those that use mobile as a means of amplification or that simply use mobile as an extension of their brand communication.

This category recognises the campaign seen to exploit technology to its full potential for the benefit of the brand. The winning campaign will be able to demonstrate a good brand/technology fit and show innovation in the use of new or existing technology to reach an audience. This category is open to any existing media channel, and any new one created by the use of the technology. Judges will focus on the innovative nature of the technology and how it has been applied to meet the marketing challenge.


This section focuses on the core understanding of the audience, the practical application of that understanding and the resulting success.

This category recognises how the quality of the insight has enhanced the campaign and ultimately its success. Entrants must outline how the insight provided a deeper understanding of the market and was incorporated to the campaign strategy, whether an enhancement to the brand’s current positioning, or a new insight which affected a change in how the brand is marketed. The winning entry will show the most effective execution based on the insight and demonstrate its contribution to the media campaign.

This award will recognise the creative and strategic media strategy that results in a qualified brand impact on the local audience. The winning work could be that for a local brand, or for a global brand adapted for local execution so long as it shows initiative specifically for the local audience, recognising cultural nuances. In particular judges will look for great insight, execution including the use of appropriate media channels and strong results such as increases in brand perception, customer engagement, sales and roll out of the activation elsewhere.

This category recognises how data fuelled the creativity and use of media which has improved results. Success should be evidenced by metrics such as lead generation or lead conversion to sale, a reduction in CPA or increase in ROI. Pre and post campaign stats will be another useful benchmark for judges whether data has been used to provide insights, used to monitor and improve the progress of the campaign, or where data has been used for segmentation and targeting or re-targeting for example. Judges are looking for data’s positive impact on a specific campaign rather than a showcase of generic research or data resource.

This category is open to campaigns for charities, not-for-profit organisations or government agencies (not corporate brands). The media should have measurable impact on the issue or demonstrably raised awareness of the organisation’s purpose, values or initiatives. The campaign may include a brand partnership, but the core purpose of the campaign must have been to further the cause of the not-for-profit organisation.

This category is about a corporate brand delivering benefit to the consumer – be it a utility, service, or product that meets a public need. In particular judges will be looking at how the activation has generated tangible results for the brand such as increase in sales or purchase intent, enhancement of brand perception or an increase in brand engagement. Campaigns that have changed behaviour or attitudes will gain particular credit.

This category rewards campaigns that have been proven successful in identifying, targeting and effectively reaching specific audiences. This includes all demographics, from a niche audience through to a segment of a broader marketplace (from pet owners to ice cream lovers!). Judges will consider the level and longevity of impact made by the campaign. Strong insight and tangible results cited against stated benchmarks will be favoured by the judges.



  • Campaign of the Year – MAGGI Diaries – The Power To Make A Difference by MEC MENA, United Arab Emirates
  • Agency of the Year – OMD UAE, United Arab Emirates
  • Agency Network of the Year – Starcom


We are glad to announce that the Jury Chairs for next Festival of Media MENA Awards have been confirmed.


Nick Graham

Huawei Technologies


Asad Rehman



Global and regional senior media executives, agency leaders, digital innovators and creative thinkers from brands, network and independent agencies are specially selected to judge.


Siddhi Dhavale



Mohamed Sheiha

DHL Express UAE


Ramzi W. Mouakassa

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies


Gregory Ellevsen

IBM Middle East


Lara Arbid

Magna Global


Dominic Fernandes

Emirates NBD


Walid Fakih

McDonald’s UAE


Mohamed Siam

Henkel GCC


Join us at the MusicHall Dubai on 26 April 2017 for an incredible evening of fun, excitement and celebration as we honour the winners of the Festival of Media MENA Awards 2017.

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