John Killam

Chief Client Officer @ OMD Canada

As Chief Client Officer at OMD, John is responsible for establishing our client services blueprint and developing consistent delivery of services across all accounts. John also heads some of OMD’s largest businesses including Rogers Communications and PepsiCo. Rogers is a fast paced, multi-brand account that spans two OMD offices under a uniquely integrated model. PepsiCo is one of our largest global clients which offers our Canadian team the opportunity to both learn from and lead global best practices across the Omnicom network.


John has worn many hats in the industry, starting in digital/CRM and later moving into integrated account leadership. Close collaboration with media partners led him to understand he could no longer ignore the tech revolution happening in media. In late 2014 he left his role as director of client services at McCann in Toronto to join OMD. Previously, John held oversight positions on national and North America wide brands such as Sony Mobile NA, Frito-Lay US, Chevrolet Canada, WIND Mobile, Wendy’s and others. John hails from the country side of Nova Scotia, and now lives in Toronto with his wife and two boys.